The IES Norfolk/Virginia Beach Section has an active calendar that includes various educational courses as well as multiple opportunities to network and socialize with industry peers. To keep abreast with our upcoming events follow the calendar below.

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Webinar: Theatre System Design Basics
Jan 13 @ 11:45 am – 1:00 pm


Presented by the Norfolk/Virginia Beach (Tidewater) Virginia Section of the IES

Featuring guest speaker:
Bobby Harrell
Entertainment Lighting Designer and Programmer
Wednesday, January 13, 2021
11:45-12:00pm Login
12:00pm – 1:00pm Presentation

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This course introduces key fixture offerings for theatres, basic lighting design for schools, how to put a system together, dimming/relay options, choosing the right architectural control and theatrical control, and looks at the cost comparison between LED and tungsten.

Presentation is AIA Accredited for CEUs


  • Criteria needed for designing a theatrical space and the programming needs of a typical educational performance space.
  • Discusses the requirements for all necessary entertainment lighting components, as well as holistic requirements for the performance lighting system.

Bobby Harrell is an Entertainment Lighting Designer and Programmer that is recognized for technical and creative talents in serving the needs of clients on Broadway, theatre, opera, dance, corporate theatre, film and television markets by creating designed lighting in complex productions.  He has also been a Product Manager, adept at managing product development teams (hardware/software) for Strand Lighting’s theatrical and architectural control products.  He is currently Strand’s Business Development Manager for Installs that enhances client comfort through communications to create sales opportunities for Strand Lighting’s lighting control and dimming systems.  His role also includes Product Specialist to enhance client comfort through product demonstrations and problem solving through available technology.  

This program is designed for industry professionals, facility managers, consultants, architects, interior designers, sales representatives, distributors, engineers, and lighting designers who are interested in a better understanding of theater system design basics. Please share this invite with your friends, coworkers, and clients.

Free Virtual meeting, but please RSVP so we can complete the attendance list for CEU certificates.  

Wednesday, January 13, 2021 RSVP here! Deadline to RSVP is the event time. The link for the event will be in the Eventbrite online event page. Click “Access the event” on the right prior to the event starting to get the Microsoft Teams link.


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Hope to see you there!
Laura Ashley Alferes
IES Tidewater Vice President

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Webinar: Navigating Stress
Feb 18 @ 11:45 am – 1:00 pm

We each experience stress. That stress is caused by certain triggers, shows itself in specific ways, and can be mitigated through intentional practice. During “Navigating Stress” we are going to get real on what stresses us out, our personal responses, and what we can do to manage that stress productively! Then we will turn the tables and look at those around us. How can we increase our awareness of others so we recognize when we are witnessing someone’s stress and determine what we can do to support their success.

Topics covered:

  • Self-awareness in terms of stress (causes, reactions, and potential solutions)
  • Other’s awareness in terms of stress (causes, reactions, and potential solutions)
  • Action plan for navigating our personal stress

This program is designed for industry professionals, facility managers, consultants, architects, interior designers, sales representatives, distributors, engineers, and lighting designers who are interested in identifying what causes stress and how to manage that stress productively. Please share this invite with your friends, coworkers, and clients.

Speaker: Danielle Kennedy
Danielle KennedyAs the Founder & CEO of Kadima Leadership, Danielle Kennedy’s personal purpose is to inspire leaders to make intentional choices. She seeks out leaders who are passionate about people, dedicated to self-development, and willing to challenge their own assumptions. When she was in college, she connected with the Organizational Development Team at ING DIRECT. Her experience highlighted the value of personal leadership and the exponential impact it has on them, their team, and the organization. Danielle shifted her education to focus on expanding leadership capacity and have been gaining valuable experiences leading her to open the doors to her own leadership development consulting firm, Kadima Leadership.

RSVP Details:
Free Virtual meeting, but please RSVP so we can complete the attendance list. CEU certificates will not be available. 

Lighting Tour at the Virginia Aquarium @ Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center
Mar 10 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Presented by the Norfolk/Virginia Beach (Tidewater) Virginia Section of the IES Featuring guest speaker:

Sean Bourgeois

Director of Facilities, Life Support and Technology at the Virginia Beach Aquarium & Marine Science Center

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Please arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time.
6:00pm-6:30pm Group 1 (10 people max)
6:30pm-7:00pm Group 2 (10 people max)

Aquariums have a diverse set of lighting requirements. One of them is to first attract customers from the roadway and then provide light to help guide attendees through exhibits.  Then, within the tanks, there are certain wavelengths and color temperatures to help marine life adapt to their environment as well as to assist in breeding process control. In the tour, we will see how these lighting environments have adjusted to LED for energy savings while meeting the Aquarium’s needs for it customer, staff and inhabitants.


  • Front of House lighting
  • Back of House Lighting
  • How lighting affects the inhabitants of certain areas and environments
  • Tour of the facility “Behind the Scenes”

This program is designed for industry professionals, facility managers, consultants, architects, interior designers, sales representatives, distributors, engineers, and lighting designers who are interested in gaining a better understanding of the design requirements of front of house and back of house in an aquarium facility. Please share this invite with your friends, coworkers, and clients.

Sean BourgeoisSean is a US Navy veteran and ODU alumni.  In 1991, Sean accepted a position managing the “Sea Giant” at the old Dome site on 19th street. From this he fell in love with the facility and the mission. Sean has held many positions from research technician for stranding program, operations manager, educator, life support and controls systems engineer to his current position: Director of Facilities, Life Support and Technology at the Virginia Beach Aquarium & Marine Science Center. He was instrumental in the conversion from older light sources to LED over the last 8 years as well as collaborating on the design of the new March Pavilion project to open later this year.

This is a free in-person meeting, but reservations are required to be allowed into the Aquarium.  Only 10 people will be allowed for one half hour session.  We are trying to make this tour as safe and successful as possible, so please follow the latest COVID regulations in addition to the information below.  Click here for directions.

Virginia Aquarium In-Person Tour Requirements (please read):

  • Wear a face mask that covers your mouth and nose
  • Maintain 6 feet between you and other attendees
  • Wear no loose items – may fall into water or equipment
  • No photography
  • Closed toe shoes required, no heels
  • Do not touch water or equipment
  • Some spaces may be loud
  • Some spaces are steps or ladder access only

Wednesday, March 10th, 2021. RSVP here!  Deadline to RSVP is Monday, March 8th, at 5pm.  

Webinar: RP-43, Lighting for People in Outdoor Environments
Mar 18 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

RP-43, Lighting for People in Outdoor Environments, is also new guidance from the IES, and complementary to the design process of LP2. In this session, physical characteristics of outdoor space will be discussed alongside the importance of pedestrian reassurance. Our RP-43 discussion will walk attendees through thoughtful examples and the ground-breaking illuminance recommendations of pedestrian applications. Spoiler alert, you may achieve better results using less light. Highlighted within the RP-43 illuminance tables are a newly organized structure based on the design process itself. Additionally, ranges of acceptable illumination are offered based on responsible design choices such as glare and spectrum, thus giving the designer increased flexibility to achieve their goals.

Webinar participants are eligible for one (1) IES Continuing Education Unit (CEU).

BSR/IES RP-43-XX is pending. This webinar is preview of the upcoming Recommended Practice.

Rick Utting, Director of Strategic Initiatives Landscape Forms, Inc., Moderator
Rick UttingRick Utting is the Director of Strategic Initiatives for Landscape Forms, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of site furniture and outdoor lighting. From 2007 to 2019 Rick led the lighting program for Landscape Forms by emphasizing quality of light for people and the outdoor environment. As a member of the Illuminating Engineering Society, Rick is Vice Chair of the “Lighting for Exterior Applications” standards committee and a frequent speaker on the topic of outdoor lighting. Rick holds a Master of Science degree from Western Michigan University and thirty years’ experience directing product development that includes a U.S. Patent for low-glare and twelve luminaire design awards. In 2013, Rick created the Lighting Leadership Xchange, a university based event that fosters the exchange of information between lighting design professionals and students from undergraduate illumination programs.

Naomi Miller
Naomi MillerMs. Naomi Miller is a designer/scientist in the solid-state lighting program at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Portland OR. Working to bridge the gap between technology and application, Miller promotes the wise use of LEDs, and works with industry to overcome the hurdles where LEDs are not ready for prime time. Miller has received over 30 architectural lighting design awards for projects ranging from churches to university science buildings, boutique hotels, supermarkets, and parking lots. She chaired the IES Quality of the Visual Environment committee for 8 years and was a principal member of the writing team for Light + Design: A Guide to Designing Quality Lighting for People and Buildings (DG-18-08). She is a Fellow of the IES and Fellow of the IALD.

Charles G. Stone, II
Charles G. Stone, IICharles joined Fisher Marantz Stone in 1983 and became President in 2003. The firm’s New York and Seattle studios have received over 200 awards and successfully completed over 5000 projects on five continents. Charles’s “Traveling Light” lecture tour features ten explorations of light and culture and has visited universities and conferences in 22 nations; continuing virtually in 2020 with Podcasts and live Conferences “in” Dubai, Palm Springs, and Buenos Aires. He is a Fellow and Past President of the International Association of Lighting Designers. In addition to annual teaching and recruiting visits to universities worldwide, Charles is active in education as a member of Project Candle at Penn State University, and the Advisory Board for the incipient Architectural Lighting program at Oregon State University. He repeatedly asks his young staff, “what do we make here?…. the answer: “Magic”.


A special thanks to this month’s Educational Webinar Platform sponsor:
Landscape Forms

Webinar: How Can Lighting Enhance a House of Worship?
Apr 21 @ 11:45 am – 1:00 pm

IES Section WebinarPresented by the Richmond & Norfolk/Virginia Beach (Tidewater) Virginia Section of the IES

Topics Covered:

  • Lighting Design Basics
  • Lighting Positions and Layout
  • Putting a Church Control System Together
  • Conventions vs LED Fixtures
  • Focus Tricks
  • Lighting for Video

Barry GawinskiSpeaker: Barry Gawinski, Associate Professor, SCA – Liberty University
Barry Gawinski serves as an associate professor in the Department of Theatre Arts. He has been a professional lighting designer for dance, theater, and opera, working both nationally and abroad. Prior to LU, he was the Systems Division Manager and Lead Integrator for Barbizon in Washington, D.C., having worked on many projects for prominent television studios, theatres, government facilities, and worship facilities. While at LU, he has been the Lighting Designer for many Theatre Arts, Alluvion, and local productions. Gawinski enjoys training students in using their theatre craft in drama ministry and leads mission trips overseas to put theory into practice to share the Gospel.

Wednesday, April 21st, 2021. RSVP is not necessary, but it’s a nice thing to do. Please see the options in the beginning of the email.

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Webinar: A Second Language of Light
Apr 22 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Stop pushing lighting; start sharing light.
“We don’t need anything fancy; we just need regular lighting.”
We are all in sales of some kind. Designers sell ideas and concepts that require the sale of light fixtures. Engineers lay out precise solutions that require the purchase of product and the labor of installation. Manufacturers create lighting products that must sell to keep the doors open and food on the table. Client and customer comments like the one above may strike fear in your heart, and it should. Lighting is not often an easy sell.

Someone else does it faster, cheaper, or better so hurry up, lower your prices or fees, and improve your game. The end user doesn’t want what we have and would rather not pay for it. Nobody cares about our calculations but us and lawyers, the client does not know TM-30 from R2-D2, and the only thing selling like hotcakes are the glare bombs shaped like them.

Now for the good news: you are the keeper of a sacred ancient magic that has the power to transform lives. Life depends on this magical force. Light is a fundamental element of our existence, but we need to learn a second language of light if we are to share this amazing gift with the world.

Join David K. Warfel for a romp through the lighting industry where no one is safe from over-simplification and pithy remarks but where everyone can laugh a little and see the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.
And it is brighter than ever.

Webinar participants are eligible for one (1) IES Continuing Education Unit (CEU).

PRESENTER: David K. Warfel
David K. WarfelDavid K. Warfel is an overly sensitive, marginally materialistic, pseudo-tree-hugging Midwestern farm boy turned lighting designer. His hyper-sensitivity means he dims everything including his dashboard, and his marginal materialism means he loves high quality light fixtures, elegant controls, and French cuffs. He calms his enviro-consciousness by using energy-saving lighting solutions and wearing hiking shoes to work, and is always ready to roll up his literal shirt sleeves to solve client problems with baling wire and duct tape (although now he prefers gaffers tape). He uses the title “Convergence Designer” since he cannot decide what he wants to be if he ever grows up (unlikely at this point), and practices at the overlap of architectural and performance lighting. He’s as surprised as you are by the list of credits to his name that range from New York’s Carnegie Hall to the Las Vegas’ Luxor and MGM Grand casinos, from Chicago’s Hyde Park Arts Center and Museum of Science and Industry to residential and hospitality projects in Virginia, Illinois, Wisconsin, Nevada, Oregon, California, and Arizona. He has worked with award-winning firms Schuler Shook and CharterSills, and weathered the recession safely cloistered as the head of lighting design at the University of Illinois. David’s work has been featured in Lighting & Sound America, Lighting Australia, Live Design, and Theatrical Design & Technology, but he is usually reading Inspector Gamache novels or other similar educational materials.

Webinar: Meeting the Moment: Lighting and Integration
May 6 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryLighting equipment and controls can do more than just provide light to the visible spectrum. Now is the moment to integrate lighting with other building systems, and this webinar will discuss some recent successes and the challenges involved. It will also preview the latest from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Integrated Lighting Campaign, designed to encourage the integration of lighting and other building systems such as HVAC and plug loads, and to promote the use of innovative sensors.

Webinar participants are eligible for one (1) IES Continuing Education Unit (CEU).

Michael MyerMichael Myer, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Michael Myer is a senior researcher at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, where he supports U.S. Department of Energy programs including energy codes, appliance standards, and field evaluations.


Shanna OlsonShanna Olson, IMEG
Shanna Olson leads IMEG’s architectural lighting group, drawing on more than a decade of experience creating aesthetically pleasing, efficient, and in-budget lighting designs for municipal, healthcare, educational, retail, historic renovation, and commercial clients.

Light for Life: A Collaborative Webinar Series
May 10 @ 9:00 am – May 13 @ 12:00 pm
Light for Life: A Collaborative Webinar Series

“Light for Life” is a global conversation about the impact of light on the lives of humans, plants, and animals. As hosts of this collaborative webinar series for the second year, the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) will once again facilitate webinars over the course of four days the week culminating in International Day of Light (16-May) with partner organizations from around the world.

In practice, the potential of light is something we often view through the lens of our own country’s trends, concerns and accomplishments. By opening this webinar series to global partners, the IES hopes to bring people together to learn from one another about the impact of light on lives all over the world. This series will be free for all.

Please note that CEUs will not be provided for any of these presentations.

Light for Life is designed as a global program, with live presentations scheduled to accommodate the Speaker’s time zone and local audience. If you are unable to join a live presentation due to time difference, please visit the IES eLearning Portal to view the archived presentations. The archives will be available approximately two weeks following Light for Life.

Webinar: The Lighting Library®– Take Your Knowledge With You
May 20 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Webinar: The Lighting Library®– Take Your Knowledge With You

The IES knows you want to take your knowledge with you. In this special webinar, IES staff will guide you through the Lighting Library® – a giant step forward in how we create and deliver standards. This new online subscription-based platform allows access to our full set of standards from anywhere with an internet connection, updates automatically, and allows for more regular revisions of the standards to keep up with the times. This webinar will provide details of how the Lighting Library is organized and how to best utilize the platform as a tool for your lighting business. We’ll also demonstrate two unique features exclusively available through the subscription that allow you to find, save and print illuminance level recommendations for projects of all sizes. At the end, our presenters – Brian Liebel, Director of Standards and Research, Jennifer Jaques, Director of Membership Services, and Zoe Milgram, Research Program Manager – will be available for live Q&A.


Webinar: Meeting the Moment: Lighting and Wellness
Jun 3 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Pacific Northwest National LaboratoryThe movement to design environments that promote human health and wellness has the lighting industry laser-focused on new metrics and tools that can be used to inform the design process. This webinar will provide a critical overview of factors that can affect nonvisual responses to light and discuss simulation techniques that may be implemented to account for daylight spectra and electric lighting contributions to meet different circadian lighting metrics. It will also present a method that aims to facilitate field studies of lighting using data from wearables.

Webinar participants are eligible for one (1) IES Continuing Education Unit (CEU).

Belal Abboushi Belal Abboushi, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Belal Abboushi is a senior associate lighting research engineer at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. His research examines discomfort glare, lighting uniformity, and daylight integration. Belal is currently the principal investigator for a study that explores the use of wearable devices to assess effects of indoor environmental quality (including lighting) on occupants’ well-being.

Sarah SafranekSarah Safranek, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Sarah Safranek is a lighting research engineer at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Her current research involves conducting lighting simulations and field evaluations of advanced lighting systems in support of the U.S. Department of Energy Lighting R&D program.


Shadab RahmanShadab Rahman, Harvard Medical School
Shadab Rahman is an associate neuroscientist in the Division of Sleep and Circadian Disorders at Brigham & Women’s Hospital and an instructor in medicine at Harvard Medical School. His primary research interest is in human circadian photobiology with the overarching goal to develop effective photobiologic countermeasures for sleep and circadian disruption. His research has provided novel insights on how light affects human physiology, which can translate to impactful changes in everyday settings such as homes and offices, healthcare facilities, and space missions.